Our Company

Tisis Chemical works fast to get you started doing business with our company. We will send you quotes 24-48 hours once you have asked for a certain item that you are interested in. We will provide quotes explaining product, pricing, and freight if needed. Once an order is submitted we ask that you allow us 5-7 days to manufacture the product before it can be shipped out. If in any case the product is not ready within that timeline we will give you notice.

After the first order has been completed, we would like for our customers to give us their time frame on the next order. Us at Tisis Chemical would like to provide you with fast service in order to have your product in your hands. If there is any special need that you are looking for, please let us know so that we can take all options into consideration.

The Value of our Company

We can provide you with a catalog of all of our products, so that it will be easy to order from Tisis at your convenience. Since you are dealing directly with the sole distributor of the manufacturer partner, your pricing will save you money and be competitive in your market. All of products meet regulatory compliance to make sure you are receiving a quality product Tisis Chemical conrner stones : Service, Value, Customer