Iodine Sanitizer: 01 IS
Use as a one step cleaner and disinfectant and no-rinse sanitizer in hand sanitizing in food plants, veterinary clinics, poultry and livestock drinking water, sanitizing commercial eggs, egg processing plants, dairy and pultry farms, etc. Concentrated broad spectrum iodophor. U.S.D.A. Authorized (D2, E3, Q6)

Powerguard RD-10 Quaternary Sanitizer: 01 RD10
Use as an all surface, disinfectant, deodorant, and sanitizer for cleaning equipment and utensils in federally inspected meat, poultry and beverage plants, restaurants, bars, sanitary filling, storage tanks, and in hospitals and nursing homes. USDA Authorized (D2)

12 1/2% Sunny Bright Bleach and Sanitizer: 01 SB
This industrial strength bleach can be used to sanitize nonpourous food contact surfaces, swimming pools, winterizing pools, cooling tower/evaporative condenser water – slug feed method, in automatic dishwashing machines as a sanitizing solution, and mixed to disinfect drinking water.


CHC-15 Sanitizer: 08 CHC
For hand washing in a 3 compartment sink use this chlorine type powdered sanitizer. It is effective for general disinfecting and deodorizing. The germicidal rinse keeps glasses, dishes and utensils sanitary. Use in restaurants, bars, etc. Also may be used to remove stains from dishes, porcelain, etc. USDA Authorized (D2)