Wholesale Products


metered, deodorants, industrial, and residential. New! metered insecticide!

Anti-Slip Safety TapeBrooms

household, warehouse, street (push style), poly, corn and mixed bristles.

Bowl Plungers


window, deck, utility. bowl, truck wash, counter dusters.

Chafing Dish Fuel


Cleaning Aids

soap pads, copper and stainless steel sponges, grill bricks, and pumice sticks.

Continental Mfg. Products

janitorial and industrial equipment and supplies.

Drain Openers

powdered and liquid.

E-Z Reachers

Feather Dusters

Floor Machines

pads and accessories.


Galvanized Containers

pails, mop buckets, and garbage cans.


shrimp, latex, vinyl, food service, and flock lined.


fire ant granules, and fly bait.

Hand Cleaners and Soap Dispensers

pumice, waterless, antiseptic, antibacterial and bar soap.

Hand Dryers



contact killers and soil sterilants.

Maintenance Pads & Holders


indoor and outdoor.


deck, screw-on, clamp-on, dust, bowl, sponge, and handles.

Oil Absorbent

pads, rolls, booms, and granular.

Paper Dispensers

tissue, centerpull, lever action, singlefold, multifold, c-fold, napkin, and industrial roll dispensers.

Paper Products

bathroom tissue, jumbo and jr. roll tissue, facial tissue, industrial roll towels, c-fold, multifold, singlefold, centerpull, kitchen roll, and hard wound roll towels.

Plastic Liners

high and linear low.

Plastic Containers

2oz., 8oz., quart, gallon, 3.5 gal., 5 gal., 6 gal., 13 gal., 30 gal., 55 gal.

Powdered Kitchen Cleaner

Restroom Deodorants

urinal discs, hang-on bowl blocks, mint granular absorbent, drip dispensers, urinal screens.

Rodent Control

mouse traps, bait, and glue boards.


floor, bug, and window.

Swimming Pool Products

chlorine powder and tablets, diatomaceous earth.

Tank Sprayers

Test Kits

chlorine, quaternary, iodine, pH, Hydrion Lo Iodine.

Trigger Sprayers

regular, chemical resistant, foaming, and high output.


Centerpull, folded, pop-out, and scrim reinforced.